Our last summer at Seisho Music Academy――
With the 101st Seisho Festival "Starlight" coming up,
we the students of the 99th class 
take up the challenge to perform "El Dorado",
an oceanic epic that Japan is proud of, 
for our summer performance.

The exiled admiral, Salvatore Guglie.
The heir to a royal Spanish family, 
Alejandro Javier Cavallero Cruz.
Who will "we" choose... 
between the "two protagonists" of this story?

The curtains rise upon the "next stage",
where students of the 99th class take on the vast ocean.



Revue Starlight El Dorado


Nintendo Switch


Visual novel

No. of players

Single player

Release date

August 8th


Front Wing


Bushiroad Inc.

Retail price

Physical[Nintendo Switch]
Standard Edition ¥3,980 (Tax included)
Starlight Edition ¥14,980 (Tax included)
Super Starlight Edition ¥39,800 (Tax included)

Digital[Nintendo Switch] ¥3,980(Tax included)
Digital[Steam] Price undetermined


Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese

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